Depending on your specific situation, immigrating to Canada might be a long and tedious process. Hiring the right immigration lawyer in Ontario has to offer will help you secure the necessary papers with less hassle on your part.

For those who might be facing a more straightforward immigration process, having a qualified and experienced immigration lawyer guiding you through every step of the way will help ensure that you get everything right, the first time around.

Use the tips listed below as your guide to the right immigration lawyer in Ontario.


As is the case with just about any other hiring decision, word of mouth referrals bear a lot of weight. Ask your close friends or relatives to point you towards an immigration lawyer they may have dealt with in the recent past.

In most cases, you will have a good number of names to consider for hire, from the referrals provided; however, if these suggestions are not forthcoming due to one reason or the other, consider going online and searching for immigration lawyers in Ontario.


Once you have put together a list of possible hires, take the time to look up each name to learn everything you can about them. You can visit each lawyer’s website to learn more about their area of specialization, experience in handling cases similar to yours and any other achievements they may have earned over the course of their careers.

Since most immigration attorneys offer a free initial consultation to interested clients, you should take this opportunity to ask important questions pertaining to how the attorney works, and your immigration case/application.


Although the cost of hiring an immigration attorney should not be used to make or break the deal, it’s important for you to have an idea of how much you should expect to pay. Some attorneys usually charge a flat fee for their services while others use an hourly rate.


Proper and clear communication between you and your chosen attorney plays an essential role in determining the outcome of the immigration process. As such, it would be worthwhile for you to find a lawyer who speaks your native tongue, especially if you have a limited understanding of the English language.

Furthermore, be sure to choose an attorney that you are comfortable with as you will need to communicate with them on a regular basis for the duration of the process.

With the above tips in mind, your chances of finding the best Canadian immigration lawyer in Ontario has to offer will be much higher.