Instagram is one of the most popular social media marketing site where you can share your videos and photos with your friends in a cool way and by using this application you can share every moment of your life with your friends and also see what your friends have shared with you. As like other social media network, instagram also has set of rules and terms of services. The rules of the instagram are concerned about the instagram account and how to recover an instagram account, in case if it is hacked, disabled or deleted. Just by following the simple steps you can recover your instagram account which you have previously used and deleted. 

If you think that you have been following all the terms of the services and rules of instagram and still your account has been disabled by mistake then you can appeal to the decision to the instagram help center. But the easier thing is to claim that your instagram account has been hacked where just you need to go to the instagram help center and fill the form stating that your instagram account has been hacked by someone. After that you can recover your instagram account in a day or two days after filing the complaint.

Why the instagram account gets disables

There are many factors that can cause your instagram account to disable or even deleting your instagram account permanently. The following are the some of the reasons why an instagram account might be disabled. They are.

  • When your instagram account using the bots or some additional software which makes you excessive account activity.
  • Having massive comments and likes in a short time performed by a spammer bots will cause your instagram account to disable.
  • Posting videos or photos that include the content which violates the instagram terms and condition.
  • Posting the content that includes the copyright or trademark without getting the permission of a brand that has been copyrighted.

When you take care of the above things while posting a photo or video along with content then you instagram account can be protected and used in safe manner. When the instagram account is the deleted for above reasons then you should know the steps how to recover an instagram account for betterment of your business. But when you have deleted your instagram account permanently then it is impossible to recover your instagram account.