Twitter is undoubtedly the most admired social networking site used by millions across the globe. The user base has seen exponential rise in popularity of each year. However, things can go awry if one day you find that your Twitter account is not accessible. It is estimated a large chunk of users do not even bother when they find some sing in glitch with their account. Good news is Twitter account can be easily recovered and they offering many different ways to do this.

What are the situations when you may not be able to recover Twitter account?

Twitter provides its users to deactivate their accounts anytime they wish, however when a user decides to deactivate a thirty days countdown will get start. At the time of these 30 days, you can simply sign in to reactivate your account but once the 30-days count is over the account is deleted automatically forever, which implies you cannot ever retrieve your account.

Scenario 1: How to recover your Twitter Username and Password

Losing your twitter username and password is no big deal. In fact, almost 98% of Twitter users have come across such an experience at least once in their Twitter experience. To recover your Twitter account simply hover over to the Password reset page then enter your associated Email or phone number. Twitter will immediately send you a password reset link to your Email. You can ask for Twitter to give you a dummy password, which you can use to log in and thereafter change to new password.

Scenario 2: How to recover Twitter password without Email

Certainly, people have often asked how to recover without Email. In this scenario your phone number should come handy, use your phone number to request password reset link. As login, code is sent via SMS and you can use it to reset on twitter page or app in your device.

Tips to do if your Twitter account is hacked

  • Act quickly and change all emails and passwords on social media apps
  • If you need to save your previous username in case hacker changes on your account, have back-up blank account
  • Always enable two-factor authentication
  • Contacting Twitter can be tiresome and futile but be persistent and patient. Usually takes 24-hour window or more for Twitter team to heed your request. Therefore, never give up.
  • Seek help from friends and experts so that you will keep getting hacking tips.