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             Founded in 1988,Wonder motor co., LTD, is one of the early enterprises to export the aluminum shell motor .After 30 years of development, Wonder has become one of the main influential motor manufacturers and exporters in China.Its headquarters is located in fuzhou in fujian province, China .

              Wonder company mainly produces motor, water pump, castings, and other products, its efficient motor is high efficiency and energy saving of China industry pioneer and innovator in the industry."WONDER" brand products, widely used in fan, water pump, air compressor, gear box, hydraulic and other industrial areas, has been recognized by customers and favor, in the industry enjoys a high honor.

              ● With 1600 employees.
              ● Covers an area of 330000 square meters, building area of 160000 square meters.
              ●Seven factories and 2 overseas sales companies.
              ● More than 10 fortune 500 clients in over 80 countries and regions have more than 100 high-quality customers.
              ●TUV, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, SABS, CCC, UL certification, etc.
              ● In 1993 China's first MS whole aluminum shell motor exports to Europe.

              ● Motor, water pump products have been rated as brand-name products in fujian province of the people's government in fujian province.



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