Cichlid fish is mostly found in African and South American freshwater. You will also find them in aquariums all over the world. In fact, they are regarded as among the most amazing fish on earth. So, without further ado, here are things you should know about cichlid fish:


Did you know that there are about 2000-3000 cichlid species? Some of the cichlid species could end up dying out and become extinct before being scientifically described. This is due to the fact that some of the species have not been scientifically described.

There are different sizes of cichlid fish

The Emperor, the largest cichlid fish is the size of the human arm while the smallest cichlid fish is 5000 times smaller than The Emperor. In fact, the smallest cichlid fish is the size of the human thumbnail.

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When it comes to talking about games, there is a large number of option from which you can play from. But when we compare different types genre, the best out of them for many people will be RPG games. They are a role-playing game where you get the feeling as you yourself is the character of the game, you have to make certain decisions in the game that not only effects the character but it also affects the ending and the environment. There is a large number of RPG games right now, and also not many offer you online mode. But there is one game that offers both the thing is Global Mu online.

About the game

Mu Online is a free to play RPG fantasy game on the continent of Mu. The game was created by the Korean based company K2 network in December 2001. In this, the players have to create their own character among the eight different classes available in the game. in order to gain experience/level, players have to fight different enemies(mobs). The whole continent of Mu is surrounded by many monsters which would include golems, goblins and even big monsters like Gorgon. Each monster is very different from other, and every monster has it own physical trait. These are all the gameplay features which we were just talking about. But apart from all that, the game is also known for its online features as well. 

Global Mu online

This is one of the few games that offer RPG experience while playing online. Which mean you can play with other players all around the globe. Mu online server is known for its fast connectivity, apart from that it also allows the players to talk to each other via in-built chat system where you can send anything to the player via text. Mu online server is also releasing a new server which is named X50 which offers new and better features for the players joining that server. This new server is going to release on 7th September.

Apart from that, the game is quite famous in many parts of Asia, Europe, and America. The game is not only known for its amazing servers but even the gameplay for the players are quite different and engaging when it comes to playing. K2 network has done an amazing job in keeping the game fresh by introducing new features every now and then, and they are expected to offer more new features in the coming time.